We are on a mission to provide social impact professionals with the insights, resources and peer community to lead fulfilling lives and purpose-driven careers.

Those of us who have dedicated their careers to creating social impact are players in the Infinite Game of changing the world. We invest our hearts and souls, sweat, blood and tears int making a difference for our communities, the planet and generations to come. This is our purpose.

The draining part is when the work feels unbalanced. Sometimes you give so much to your community but receive no support in return; it gets hard when the ecosystem is not ready to adopt the systems you are putting in place to better serve entrepreneurs.

Larkin Garbee, Good Work Society

The Issue

If you have worked in the world of social impact, and social entrepreneurship in particular, chances are you have experienced some of the less-feel-good facets of the sector:

  • workload and long hours,
  • juggling responsibility not only for teams but clients and beneficiaries
  • below-market rate remuneration
  • the fine line of sales and marketing in the social impact space,
  • resource scarcity,
  • productization of impact-driven services,
  • organizational resilience,
  • personal productivity and motivation,
  • maintaining personal well-being and relationships, burn out.

All of these challenges cause changemakers to drop out of the game and leave the sector; not because they don’t care about creating social impact any longer. But because they are done. Frustrated. Exhausted. They may have lost their purpose, sense of their whole self. They may have brushed shoulders with burn out.

I’m not in it to make loads of money but I don’t want to worry about paying my bills. Working for yourself, it can be hard to stay motivated when sh*t gets hard. Sometimes you just don’t want to take the next step.

Danielle Anderson, Step & Stone

Keeping you in the game

In brief, at Social Venturers we equip you with the insights, resources and peer community to put your personal life on track to happiness and well-being while helping you thrive and excel in your impact-focused career.

We provide exclusive content and programming focused on personal and professional growth for changemakers who believe in the power of (social) entrepreneurship, who know that the status quo is not good enough and who understand that you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Step 1: Be the first to know!

Once a month, we’ll send you the highlights from the front lines of social impact straight to your inbox: The best resources we come across, the latest insights from Social Venturers around the world and exclusive previews of upcoming content. Most importantly, we are here to remind you that your work matters!

Step 2: Join the Community

Explore what we have on offer! Browse our Learn section to read insights gathered from our work in the field, interviews and Fireside Chats.

Meet other Social Venturers and find out about their approach to supporting social entrepreneurs, leading a meaningful life and how you can meet them!

Building the community and infrastructure for the social impact space helps grow the connective tissue among us. Through Social Venturers we build relationships and a shared mission, to grow and professionalize the social impact space.

Chintan Panchal, RPCK

If you think you’d be a good fit for this global community, reach out to help us learn more about you!

Step 3: Take part in our master-level offerings

Members of our community – once featured – get have the unique opportunity to call upon their peers to work on their most challenging problems and to grow together both personally and professionally. We are currently piloting two programs tailored to the needs of social impact professionals who want to uplevel their skills, build their network and invest in their development.

You never solve for the scariness of being self-employed. To survive as an impact-focused solopreneur, you need to leverage your network, charge what you’re worth and delegate tasks – you can’t do it all!

Rehana Nathoo, Spectrum Impact

Fireside Chats

Do you ever wish you had access to a curated group of experts with a deep understanding of impact-specific topics such as impact assessment & metrics, strategy, social media, leadership & succession planning, etc.? Keep reading!

Once a month, we sit down with an imaginary (or not so imaginary) drink in front of an imaginary (or not so imaginary) fire to put the really hard questions on the table. We dive deep. We ask questions and walk away with tangible results and next steps.


What’s the single biggest reason for not accomplishing our goals? We don’t keep promises to ourselves. We let other people’s priorities become more important than our own. Have you had enough of it yet? Then we have something for you!

Over the course of four months, we’ll get together virtually on the last Wednesday to update the group on our progress, discuss obstacles and ways to move forward. Once the hour is over, everyone is back at their desks doing the work.

Meet Anika

Bringing excellence, purpose and well-being to the social impact space.

My mission is to…

… help change makers excel in their impact-driven career while leading a meaningful personal life so that they make a difference in the world with passion and excellence without burning out in the process.