Spotlight: Romy Kraemer

Rommy long

What drives you?

Seeing other people grow. On a larger scale, I always want to find out what’s new and what’s happening. I am interested in new and emerging fields, I want to understand them, and then move on to the next thing.

Biggest SocEnt trend you have seen in the last 5 years?

Having a platform like The Changer has been a turning point. It tells you what is happening in the sector in Germany, and which actors are involved. Also, they are a great resource for jobs, events, interviews and sector insights. Secondly, I think the interest in impact investing has grown a lot over the past five years. There is more to come in that respect.

Currently reading

The Social Entrepreneur’s Handbook, by Rupert Scofield (link)


“I have a masters in work and organization psychology. Around 2004 I became interested in the intersection of Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR – and international development and especially the role of highly contested industries like mining & oil in both fields. I started a PhD project on local anti-mining campaigns with a focus on India. While doing field research in Orissa, I learned a lot about the shortcomings of the non-profit sector, the grassroots reality of CSR and development projects. That’s when I started getting interested in social entrepreneurship as another way of creating public goods.

Most of what I do now is learned by – don’t laugh – just doing it! For example, during my PhD in Rotterdam, I co-founded a campus sustainability initiative and learned a lot about stakeholder engagement. To me, the essence of learning lies not so much in listening to well-known experts  but in working with other people (like our Fellows at the DO School) where I learn every day from their questions and challenges. The greatest thing for me is seeing a project succeed that I like or supported myself. Some Fellows come in with an early stage idea, then turn it around 180 degrees during the coaching and make it fly! I get to see this in action almost every day, and that’s great learning right there.”

To learn more about Romy, read her interview on The Changer (google translate if you don’t speak German).



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