Spotlight: Megan Christenson

Megan long

What drives you?

“The opportunity to solve problems that I care about with people who I really respect.”

How do you define social entrepreneurship?

“To me, a social entrepreneur is someone who is not satisfied with the status quo of something and cannot NOT solve it. It’s not a glamorous lifestyle for 99%, but they see a problem and they won’t stop at anything to solve it in a sustainable and scalable way.”

Biggest SocEnt trend you have seen in the last 5 years?

“When we first started three years ago we felt like we could accurately name all three or four dozen impact accelerators. And now we have over 300 in the U.S. alone – we have seen massive growth in the support space. Now candidates have a choice in programs, which makes us continue to strive for excellence and relevance.


“My entire career has been in the startup space. I graduated from college during the recession and landed job at a healthcare startup in Chicago which was purchased by larger company. For me it was a great opportunity to go business school. The Monterey Institute on International Studies offered a specialization on social entrepreneurship which was a great fit. Throughout my studies I consulted nonprofit and for-profit startups; I worked with Ross Baird at Village Capital during a semester off and by them time I graduated I knew she wanted to stay in entrepreneurship.”



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