Impact Hub Stockholm

Welcome to Impact Hub Stockholm, a coworking space that is “part business incubator, part innovation lab, and part social enterprise community”. Now, that sounded promising when I first looked up Impact Hub Stockholm. I didn’t get a chance to visit these guys in person and if you have followed Social Venturers you know that I prefer seeing the real action but as it happens from time to time, life gets in the way and so I found myself skyping with Funda Sezgi from my room in Copenhagen overlooking the city from the 9th floor.

Impact Hub Stockholm

Impact Hub Stockholm’s event space

You would not assume from the variety of programs that Impact Hub Stockholm as such has only been around for two years. Among others they offer

Not to mention their Business Lab and Accelerate Programs; the latter one was put on hold at the end of 2015 in search for new partners.

Impact Hub Stockholm in fact has its roots in an organization called R17, Funda explains. “A few creatives got together around the same time as the Hub in London came about. It started out as a coworking space that offered events and seminars, over two years ago they added incubation programs.” Funda Sezgi is Program Manager at Impact Hub Stockholm. She says “To be fair, we didn’t invent all this from scratch. We adapted the model pioneered in Vienna and adapted it to the Swedish context. Others in our network had a lot of experience that we could tap into. Here at Impact Hub Stockholm our mantra is ‘You can’t do it all alone’. We are creating partnerships with different stakeholders from the business, higher education and governmental world. We encourage entrepreneurs to go knock on doors and seek different perspectives from within our diverse ecosystem. After all, being a shy entrepreneur is not going to get you very far. I think it helps being surrounded by other entrepreneurs that are driven by a social mission.”

Impact Hub's coworkers

Impact Hub’s coworkers

And this community aspect seems to be enhanced by their emphasis on founder-friendliness. “We try to be as flexible as possible and to provide tailored support to the entrepreneurs we work with. Right now we work with small groups of founders and looking ahead, we hope to leverage peer-learning while maintaining the individual support from our side. Working with startups in different sectors and at different stages of their development helps them cross-pollinate.” says Funda.


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