Impact Hub Berlin

In late March I visited Impact Hub Berlin, back then still hidden away in a corner of the Kreuzberg neighborhood. The entry takes you through a cafe which was packed with people. I walked up to the third floor to find their main work space rented out for an event (one of their income sources)…. Keep Reading

Social Impact Lab Frankfurt

After a week back in Germany, I stopped in Frankfurt to visit the local Social Impact Lab. Social Impact itself is a social enterprise founded by Ashoka Fellow Norbert Kunz. Their first Social Impact Lab was opened in Berlin in 2012, followed by Hamburg in 2013, Frankfurt and Leipzig. As the third of its kind in… Keep Reading

Yunus Social Business

The interview with Yunus Social Business (YSB) was one of the first I ever held. It was in January 2015 during the Big Social in London. I remember meeting Daniel – executive and program director at Yunus Social Business – for the first time and being positively surprised by his genuine honesty about the opportunities… Keep Reading

Oksigen Lab: Walking the Talk of Financial Sustainability

My second day in Belgium was grey and started with the futile attempt of finding a cafe with free wifi. Defeated, I sipped my coffee and watched the solar eclipse for which hundreds of tourists had assembled in the beautiful old-town square ‘Grand Place’. Spectacular, and adding to the surreal sensation of sitting in Brussels… Keep Reading

Social Innovation Factory

Manufacturing Social Innovation After a great many visits within one day in Amsterdam I really enjoyed spending an entire day at Sociale InnovatieFabriek (SIF) in Brussels, Belgium. In case you ever wondered which governments fund social innovation and social entrepreneurship: The Belgian does. Or, more precisely, the Flemish government.  If you think anything like me,… Keep Reading

Social Enterprise NL

Members with Benefits My last visit in the Netherlands took me to Social Enterprise NL. With all the social media buzz and in line with my silent-office-experiences at Enviu and Kennisland I was prepared to introduce myself to an armada of 20 or so hard-working Social Venturers frantically typing away on their computers to make the… Keep Reading

Outside Inc.

Corporate Social Entrepreneurship My conversation with Isabelle Coppens from Outside Inc. began during my visit at Enviu – we realized we had too much to talk about and would follow up a few days later via skype. I prefer in-person interviews; Social Venturers is about the people, as the name suggests, and even though a… Keep Reading

Impact Hub Amsterdam

“Profit is not a dirty word here.” On day two in Amsterdam I met Wieke van der Zouwen who runs an acceleration program at Impact Hub Amsterdam, and we followed up a couple of days later during an insightful conversation about the Impact Hub Network which I had been keen to learn more about for… Keep Reading


Through the eyes of a Dutch social entrepreneur Between my field visits to Kennisland, Social Enterprise NL and Impact Hub Amsterdam, I had the opportunity to meet with Jacquelien Bunt to look at the offers of Dutch support organizations through the lens of a social entrepreneur. As someone who works at an online marketplace for… Keep Reading

Netherlands Warm Up

Before heading to the Netherlands I came across a 2011 report by McKinsey & Co. “Opportunities for the Dutch Social Enterprise Sector“. It is four years old, the researchers analysed 700 social entrepreneurs, 100 of them in more detail – I figured this was as close as I was going to get to a country-specific… Keep Reading