Field study: Germany

Field study [n.]: Preliminary research First things first: Apologies for the excessive use of footnotes in this post. I want to give credit where it’s due and not get into trouble for plagiarism. I worked through a number of studies – some of which are great to dive deeper into the topic – and have summarized… Keep Reading

Log 03: Netherlands & Belgium in review

March 30, 2016 Log [n.]: Personal reflection This trip was a great kick-off for Social Venturers. On the professional side, I learned about a great many different approaches to working with social entrepreneurs. I was fascinated by the stories of the Social Venturers themselves – their previous careers and why they care about the impact… Keep Reading

Cartography: Rotterdam

March 23, 2016 Cartography[n.]: Mapping, review This is part one of a short series of the insights I gathered throughout my field visits in the Netherlands and Belgium. Fair to say that I got a snapshot – rather than deep insights – into the sector of social enterprise support. Nevertheless, I have gathered some of the learnings… Keep Reading

Cartography: Amsterdam

March 24, 2015 Cartography[n.]: Mapping, review In this second part of the review of my field visits to the Netherlands and Belgium, I share some lessons learned from Kennisland, Discovered, Social Enterprise NL and Impact Hub Amsterdam. Kennisland Though not a typical support organization, Kennisland taught me a thing or two that can be transferred to… Keep Reading

Cartography: Brussels

March 26, 2015 Cartography[n.]: Mapping, review In this third part of the review, let’s take a look at the field visits in Brussels, Belgium. Visiting Oksigen Lab and Social Innovation Factory in Brussels in a way represented two opposite ends of a spectrum. The former is financed privately, the latter publicly. Read on to see… Keep Reading

Log 02: Feeling like a #SocEnt

February 2, 2015 Log [n.]: Personal reflection Returning from #TheBigSocial in London I found myself facing a deadline for one of the rare funding opportunities I had come across. Working on a venture like this one without being a PhD student or academic and without business model means that funding opportunities are scarce. I had… Keep Reading

Log 01: LH426

January 12, 2015 Log [n.]: Personal reflection When I left Hamburg, Germany, in July 2014, I had taken all possible measures I could think of to make sure I was set for success. Organization, discipline, SMART goals – all in order to make sure that I would not fail. I had lists and spreadsheets for… Keep Reading

Field observation: Testing London waters

February 8, 2015 I just returned from a fantastic week with Unltd and the Global Social Entrepreneurship Network – GSEN – in London. I met a whole lot of fellow Social Venturers passionate about supporting social entrepreneurs one way or the other –  pretty exhausted but absolutely thrilled. Time for a little recap. The Big… Keep Reading

Guest blog: Wouter Kersten

 Wouter Kersten The Importance of Relevance Roughly from the start of this century, there has been a proliferation of statements regarding the inefficiency of charity-based aid and development programmes. For the purpose of this blog I do not want to go into the discussion whether that is an absolute truth nor whether it is a… Keep Reading