Spotlight: Carolin Eissler

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What drives you?

Every day, I am surrounded by people who burn for something and are passionate about their work. I love being a supporter for them, connecting different people and issues. I’m not an entrepreneur myself.

Biggest SocEnt trend you have seen in the last 5 years?

At the Social Impact Lab Frankfurt we recently had a lot of inquiries from universities and high schools who are interested in the field of social startups and social innovation from an academic view. It is good to see, that social innovation is an interesting field of study for higher education.

In Germany, social entrepreneurship is a rather current movement in civil society, so theses little trends are symptoms for the recognition of social entrepreneurship as a concept to overcome challenges and as a way of life. But what is still missing is putting (social) entrepreneurship in the curricula for schools so that kids are empowered from the beginning to create change.

Currently reading

The Internet of Things, by Jeremy Riffkin


Caro has a degree in European Studies and International Cultural and Business Studies. After an internship at Ashoka she joined the Social Impact Lab Frankfurt. “When I worked at AEGEE I did my own projects and could try out a lot of things that focused on intercultural exchange. That was pretty empowering.”

In May 2915, Caro was featured on The Changer, see her interview here (google translate will help the non-German speakers).




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