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Social Venturers explores best practices in supporting social entrepreneurs by visiting support organizations around the world, and meeting the people behind the scenes.

It highlights effective models of social enterprise support, sector trends from various countries, and introduces the Social Venturers who design and implement support programs.

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Social Venturers

Spotlight: Kristen Engberg

What drives you? The reward of seeing people truly fulfilled by their sense of purpose. How do you define social … Keep Reading

Spotlight: Camila Pazos

What drives you? I believe that in an inequitable world, the power of a community can be transformational. I view my role as … Keep Reading

Spotlight: Rob Lalka

What drives you? “My faith, which teaches me to work on behalf of the common good.” How do you define social … Keep Reading



Kristen Engberg is CEO at Beespace New York - an incubator for nonprofits. While for-profits are eligible to apply; however … Keep Reading

Echoing Green

Echoing Green is one of the most established support organizations for social entrepreneurs not least because they have been … Keep Reading


In December, I took a trip to New Orleans to learn more about Propeller - an accelerator I had heard much about in as far as … Keep Reading


Guest blog: Amanda Jacobson

Building social enterprise support in Latin America Talking to Village Capital in D.C. I was thrilled to have a chance to … Keep Reading

Field Study: United States

In late July 2015, after seven months of research and discovery of the European social enterprise landscape, and its … Keep Reading

Log Book I: Europe

Full disclosure. It was hard writing this post. Having travelled across Europe for six months on a quest to find best … Keep Reading